Some have called it a victory for women’s rights.  Others call it the day “Cultural Catholicism” died.  Others have no idea what happened in Ireland on May 25th.

But whatever you view, and whichever side you supported you will have to concede that the future of Ireland will be different because the 8th Amendment was repealed on May 25th.

Most of the world wasn’t familiar with the 8th Amendment, but in a nutshell,  it stated that mothers and their preborn children were to be treated equally in the protection of their lives.  It effectively prevented open access to abortion.  And on May 25th, by popular vote, the life of the pre-born suddenly was worthless.

Let’s not play the semantics game of simply saying that because of the vote that more pregnancies will be terminated.  Because of that vote and the resulting legislation which will follow, there will be children aborted in Ireland who otherwise might have lived.

And the world will lose future musicians, artists, doctors, cab drivers and politicians.  Hopefully, the person who would discover a cure for cancer won’t be killed, but then again that may have already happened in Canada.

The gift of life is precious, and it is a gift that needs to be celebrated.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible

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