They may have found Santa Claus and he’s not at the North Pole.

Turkish archaeologists believe they have found the remains of Saint Nick, not the Saint Nick who came down the chimney last Christmas but the Saint Nick that Saint Nick is based on.

Nicholas was the bishop of Myrna in what is now Turkey and he passed away in 343.  The story of St. Nicholas has lived on because of his generous spirit.  History tells us that the Bishop secretly gave gifts to poor children and at least one legend had him climbing down a chimney to leave gold in the stocking of a poor girl who had no dowry.

His bones were said to have been removed from Demre in 1087 during the crusades. They were spirited off to Italy where they have been housed in the Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari.

Experts are now speculating that they may have gotten the bones of the wrong priest, oops.

Demre like most of Turkey is now predominately Muslim, but the community is celebrating the news because of the possibility of increased tourism traffic.

Baris Yuksel, a shopkeeper in Demre observed: “After lots of centuries, we are earning money thanks to Saint Nicholas.”

It’s good to know that Nick is still giving.

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