I read an interesting article in the Halifax Metro the other day.  The title was “Euthanasia requests not met in Nova Scotia”.  The gist of the article was that of the 64 requests for assisted suicide in the first six months of this year, only 24 had been acted on.  Of the remaining 2/3’s, some of the patients had passed away, some had lost their mental capacity to agree with the lethal injection, but others had dropped their requests.  Dropped their requests?  Could that be another way of saying “changed their minds”?

So that you understand, one of the complaints was that some people changed their minds. That, because of the time delay, they decided that maybe life was worth living, that maybe a little more time with loved ones was worth the pain.  I can see where that could be a problem for assisted suicide advocates, because now you have to wonder, how many of the 24 who were actually killed by doctors might have changed their minds if there had of been a little longer wait?

But that is obviously a question that can’t be answered, because after the act, it is tout fini.

And that’s the problem with abortion, capital punishment and assisted suicide, there are no do-overs!

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.