I subscribe to Yogi Berra’s theory that if you don’t attend other people’s funerals, they won’t come to yours. With that in mind, whenever I can, I attend the funeral of Wesleyan Pastors on our district.
Last weekend the staff from Cornerstone made their way to the chapel at Kingswood University in Sussex to say good-bye to a friend and colleague.  Pastors from across the district gathered to pay their respects to our former District Superintendent David LeRoy, who had passed away after his lengthy battle with cancer.
The most moving part of the service for me, was when his three grown sons spoke sharing their memories of their father.  And as each one spoke of the things that made their father special, I wondered what my children would say about me at my funeral.

And I realized that my children’s impression of me, as their father, is now formed and for the most part, the majority of their memories of our relationships won’t change.  I remember hearing once, that what matters isn’t who your father was, it is who you remember him to be.

So, this Penn is for you parents who still have children at home.  If you want your children to deliver your eulogy, then the time to prepare is now!                    
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.