I wonder if Stephen Harper feels vindicated? He should!

In 2005 when he suggested that same sex marriage was a slippery slope that could led to the further redefinition of marriage, including the possibility of polygamy, the media and government ridiculed the suggestion.
When I mentioned polygamy to our MP he couldn’t understand how I could jump to that conclusion.  Duh!
Fast forward 12 years later. 

This week Winston Blackmore was found guilty of polygamy in British Columbia.  Following the ruling, his lawyer, Blair Suffredine, told the court he would launch a constitutional challenge of Canada’s polygamy laws.  After all, if we can’t be told who we can marry why should we be told how many we can marry?

In a society that says that it is morally acceptable for Bob to marry Bill then why isn’t it morally acceptable for Bob to marry Sue, Anne, Betty, Freda and Bill? Or for Bob to marry his sister or his Saint Bernard for that matter?
The government has already told those of us to the right, that just because something offends our morality doesn’t make it wrong.
Society has even declared that the moral views of the Bible can’t be a yardstick for the nation, so how do they plan on deciding what’s right and what’s wrong?

Have a great week and remember: Some things you have to believe to see!