If you were in church at Cornerstone last Sunday you might have noticed that I wasn’t here, and neither was Stefan.  We were in Saguenay Quebec, visiting the group that make up our Bagotville satellite. Since last Fall, we have offered our Sunday morning worship service, via livestream, to military families at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville.

The RCAF base was first developed during WWII to train Commonwealth pilots and is situated in a prominently French Roman Catholic area.  As a matter of fact, the closest Evangelical church is over an hour away.

And it was a good trip, while we were there we connected with seven families representing over thirty individuals and were able to cast some vision for the future of the work.

One interesting note was that the base chapel serves both the Catholic and Protestant personal.  There used to be a separate Protestant chapel but a few years ago it was turned into a military museum.

As I pondered that, I realized that there are a lot of churches whose doors are still open, but they are simply museums.  They are more interested in preserving and protecting the memories of yesterday than they are in reaching the lost of today.

Where will our focus be?  On yesterday or on tomorrow?

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.