There’s been a lot of talk of free trade in the news lately.  You might recall that one of the planks in Donald Trump’s election was to re-visit NAFTA to ensure that Americans were being treated fairly when it came to cross border commerce.  And it seems that’s one promise he’s set to deliver on.
Last week the President blasted the Canadian dairy Industry and this week he imposed duties on Canadian lumber that he feels is unfairly subsidized.  United States Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated  “This is not our idea of a properly functioning free trade agreement.”  Ross went on to sum things up by stating “It has been a bad week for U.S.-Canada trade relations.”  You think?  
But in most cases of trade, someone benefits more than someone else.  And the greatest example of that is the example of grace.
Grace is a great deal for us.  For us it means forgiveness and salvation and eventually a life forever with God.  But for God, grace cost Him His Son, for Jesus’ grace cost Him His life. 
If it is really grace and not just a trade agreement, then the one who gives grace never counts the cost and those of us who receive grace should never stop counting the cost.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.