22 years ago this very Sunday I preached my first message at Cornerstone, the church formerly known as Bedford Community Church.  Some of you who are here today were there, many who are here today weren’t even born. 

To put that into perspective, 22 years before I preached my first message at Cornerstone, the Vietnam War was still being waged, KISS had their first Concert, Jesus Christ Superstar had just been released in movie theatres, Pierre Trudeau was our Prime Minister and his son Justin was just a toddler.  And the Habs won the Cup.

Over the past 1,144 weeks that we’ve been together, we have only cancelled Sunday Services once because of weather.  We have worshipped together in 8 different locations, including once under a tree.   I have spoken over 900 times and we’ve celebrated 21 Christmases and Easters together. And over the past 22 years we have seen marriages strengthen, relationships renewed and more importantly countless people have met God and will live with Him forever.  

The songs we sing have changed, how Denn dresses for Sunday has changed and where we worship has changed, but for 22 years we’ve been inviting the pre-churched, the de-churched and the unchurched to come and meet God at Cornerstone and that’s one thing I hope will never change. 

 Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.