The mail always gets through, eventually.  I read a news story a number of years ago about a post card that arrived in Aberdeen Scotland from Brisbane Australia a little late.  In most cases surface mail from “Down Under” can take up four to six weeks to make the journey to Scotland.
The problem was that the card wasn’t sent six weeks before, it had been sent 5,830 weeks before.  That’s right, the post card had taken a tad over a hundred and twelve years to travel 16,197 km. 
Aberdeen postmaster Peter Smith said, “We have no idea where it’s been.”  Really? No idea? 
Do you ever feel like your prayers have gone wherever Colin Wadrop’s postcard had been stored?  We need to remember that unanswered prayers aren’t unheard prayers.  The problem in my life is that unless God answers the way Denn thinks He should, then it’s was considered unanswered prayer.  Gradually I’m learning that God is smarter than Denn and that not everything Denn asks for in prayer is always in Denn’s best interest.
And there is a remote chance that if God is smarter than Denn, He might be smarter than you.  And so maybe your prayers have been answered, just not in the way you expected.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.