I felt kind of silly, again.  We had just gotten off our cruise last week and we were picking up our rental car, a brand-new Ford Fusion.  I loaded our luggage, jumped in and pushed the button and nothing happened.  The engine didn’t start, the tach didn’t move, nothing.  So, I pushed the button again and again, nothing.  Not a sound.  I wondered what I was doing wrong and I wondered how silly I’d feel when I asked the staff and they told me.

And then I noticed a little indicator on the dash that read “ready to drive”.  The Fusion was a Hybrid and I had mistaken a lack of sound with a lack of power.  When I pushed the button it had started and there was lots of power, I just didn’t’ realize it was there.  And it was really cool to drive away in a silent car.
How often in our Christian lives are we waiting for the power to come without realizing it’s already here, all we need to do is claim it.  How often have we mistaken the silence of God for the absence of His power?  But the promise for the believer is that with the coming of the Holy Spirit comes power. It’s just that simple.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.