Apparently you can correct some of your youthful indiscretions.  I recently read about a new trend in plastic surgery; earlobe reconstruction, really . . .  earlobe reconstruction.
One plastic surgeon says that he has been doing four or five of the one hour procedures a month, and it seems to be gaining popularity.  It is a relatively simple operation that repairs the large holes left from having the earlobes punched out and stretched to accommodate large spacers. 
If only all of our past decisions could be fixed as quick and easy as fixing an earlobe.  Some things will always leave marks that can never entirely be erased.  Things like tattoos, poor choices in relationships and addictive behaviors can sometime mark us for life, but while the physical reminders may stay with us, spiritually we can be made new.
After a number of really bad decisions, David’s prayer is recorded in the Psalms, “Wash me God, and make me whiter than snow”.   God answered David’s prayer and God will answer the same prayer for us.
We may have to pay a physical price for the mistakes and choices we made in our past, but the Bible assures us that the spiritual consequences can be erased just for the asking.  The question is; have you asked?
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.