Staying on a sports theme from the last couple of weeks, albeit a different time and different game,  I read an article recently about some of the original players from the 1972 Summit Series. That would be a hockey series, specifically a series between Canada and the former Soviet Union.

 I remember watching the last game of the series during grade 7 history class.  Mr. McArthur obviously knew that it would become an important part of Canadian history in years to come.  And it did.  And if you are of a certain age then you remember the chant heard from the stands, “Da, Da Ca-na-da, Nyet, Nyet Soviet”.

Forty-four years after the series, eight of the Canadian players are taking part in a cross country retrospective tour telling the inside stories.

In an interview it was interesting hearing Ken Dryden talk about how there seems to be missing a “us against them” feeling in international competition.  And with the fall of the Soviet Union, Canada has never found a new “them”. 

Sometimes I feel that Christians are always looking for a “them” to be against.

It’s almost as if we need a villain to prove our rightness.  But our rightness won’t be found by holding it up against the wrongness of others.  Our rightness is only found in the rightness and grace of Jesus. 

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.