–> I was reading an article on Cross Cultural Church Planting awhile back and came across a statement that read, “America has the second largest African American population next to Nigeria.” Now my first question was; how many African Americans do they have in Nigeria? It’s interesting how our language changes and we accept statements as correct even though they obviously aren’t.   
Not that the term African American is wrong, anymore than Irish Canadian or French Canadian would be wrong.  However to make that term inclusive to mean anyone of African descent seems to be a little condescending.  Sometimes we need to swallow our intense desire for political correctness and use the proper term.   

Often at Cornerstone we refer to those who don’t know Christ as pre-Christians, perhaps that’s why we don’t feel an urgency to reach them.  After all, how bad can it be just being a pre-Christian?  Perhaps it time to readjust our focus and realize that because they are pre-Christians they aren’t Christians, and because they aren’t Christians the Bible says they are lost, and because they are lost they will spend their eternity separated from a God they never knew. And maybe knowing that will break our hearts. 

–> Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.