Last month I drove to New Brunswick twice for funerals that affected our Atlantic District Ministerial family.  And on one of those trips my rental had “Driver Assist” as an option.  That was kind of cool.  It’s not quite a self-driving car, but it was close.

With the Lane Departure Warning system in place, if (or in my case when) you drifted outside your lane, it would nudge you back in, not just beep and warn you, but actually nudge you back to where you were safe.  And if that happened enough, the car would suggest you stop for a coffee.

If you set the adaptive cruise control, it would slow you down if you approached a car driving slower than you and then increase your speed again when you pulled out to pass.  And because I’m a preacher and think in metaphors, I thought how much driver assist was like allowing the Holy Spirit to have control in your life.  A nudge here and there to slow you down or keep you on track. 

But the reality is that I could turn off the driver assist or choose to ignore it.  In the same way a Christian can choose to ignore the promptings  of the Holy Spirit and there are consequences in both cases.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.