The other day I attended the funeral of a lady I had known for over forty years.  During my teen years,Mary Thomas was the mother of my best friend and my second mom.  I am sure that there were times that I was at the Thomas house more than I was at the Guptill house.  And for those of the right age, Mary Thomas was my Mrs. Cunningham.  I thought of myself as the Fonz but in reality I was probably closer to Potsie. But I digress.
And so last week I travelled to Fredericton to support my best friend Reg, and to say goodbye to a gracious lady who had a profound impact on me when I was as a teen.
As I listened to her sons and grandson speak, I realized how little I knew about Mrs. Thomas and my respect and admiration for her grew. 
It was a reminder, yet again, of how little we know of each other’s stories, what formed and shaped those around us and what they were able to overcome to become all that God wanted them to be.
And I remembered smiles, words of encouragement and plates of homemade chocolate chip cookies. And I was thankful that Mary Thomas had always found a place for me.   Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.