Selfies are nothing new and certainly nothing out of the ordinary.  But what about a selfie taken at 182 Kilometers per hour?  Last summer, Christal McGee of Georgia was involved in an accident while taking a selfie using the Snapchat speed filter, which posts your speed in your selfie.  While trying to drive and take the picture, McGee failed to notice the car that pulled onto the highway in front of her.  And while nobody was killed, the driver of the other vehicle suffered serious brain injuries.  

According to a recent lawsuit filed by the other driver, the culprit wasn’t the young lady driving at a reckless speed while trying to take a picture of herself on her phone, nor was it the driver himself who pulled onto the highway in front of her.   No, the villain who needs to pay is Snapchat, because they produced an app that promotes and rewards bad behavior.  Perhaps it is because Snapchat has deeper pockets than the others but more likely it goes back to that age old philosophy, “it’s not my fault, somebody else must be to blame.”

 Of course even with all of her injuries Christal made sure to post a selfie of herself from the ambulance captioned “Lucky to be alive”  

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