The other day, I sat with a lady who is receiving palliative care, and she cheered me up.  It’s not often that happens, but during the entire time there I didn’t hear a discouraging word from her, no complaints, no regrets.

Bev has spent her life loving Jesus and serving His church as a pastor’s wife and now that she has been told that her time on this earth is limited it seems that she’s looking forward to being in the presence of the One she has loved and served for so long.

Not that she’s without concerns. Her son said that after she had planned her funeral service she has been quite adamant that they make sure there are enough sandwiches and sweets at the reception that will follow her funeral.

Every one of us will die, but we won’t all face death like Bev, who simply sees death as a doorman and not as one to be feared.

The choice that Bev made many years ago to follow Jesus allow her to face her impending death with peace today. 

I trust that if you haven’t yet embraced the grace of God that you will soon, so at the end of your life your biggest concern is that nobody will leave the reception hungry.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.