I stumbled across something the other day that I didn’t know.  Unlike our neighbours to the south, our leaders very rarely talk about their faith publically.  We all seem to know that Stephen Harper was an Evangelical Christian, but I never actually heard him mention it.  Maybe everyone learned a lesson from Stockwell Day.  But the other day I came across some comments made by Prime Minister Trudeau in an interview last year.

He spoke about how his father had him in church every Sunday, prayed with him every night and read the Bible with he and his brothers at least once a week.  Hmmmm, things I never knew. 

And then the Prime Minister mentioned that after his brother Michel was killed in 1998, that a friend invited him to attend a 12-week Alpha Course, which he did.  And then he closed that part of the interview by saying: “Since that moment, I still consider myself and have re-found myself of a deep faith and belief in God. But obviously very aware of the separation of church and state in my political thinking.”

Justin’s comment may confuse you or make you angry but for me it renews my commitment to continue to pray for the Prime Minister and his family.  #prayingforjustinandsophie.   Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.