Thousands of people have been descending on the small Cape Breton village of Inverness, all seeking the chance to turn over a single card and win a fortune.  The game is Chase the Ace and it’s a fund raiser for the local legion.  You play by purchasing 5 tickets for 5 dollars and if one of your tickets is drawn you have the opportunity to turn over one of cards from a deck of cards in search of the ace of spades.  The secret is that each time someone turns over the wrong card it is removed from the deck, and this deck has been used for close to a year and the jackpot now stands at a million and half dollars with only five cards left.   
I’m sure that Inverness is a pretty town but that’s not why people have been flocking there, and if they really wanted to help the local legion they could put a cheque in the mail. The reason folks choose to play any lottery is “greed”.  And greed is birthed from covetousness, which is why God warns us over and over again about wanting what’s not ours.  Because from the very beginning it was wanting that which wasn’t theirs that led mankind away from God.  

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.