I had forgotten how white, white was supposed to be, until I saw how white, white was again.  Say that sentence real fast a few times!  We had our house washed the other day and while I knew that it was a little grimy, it wasn’t until the first section was finished and we could see the difference that we realized just how dirty it had gotten through the years.  And it wasn’t like we had a forest fire or a volcano that covered the house in soot, it was just life. The daily accumulation of life.  But we couldn’t simply wish it clean; it cost us something and it took some time and a concentrated effort before our house was white again. 
And that made me realize how careful we have to be with our souls, and it’s not necessarily the grime of some catastrophic sin but just the daily exposure to life that sullies our souls.  That’s why David begged God in the Psalms to wash him and make him whiter than snow.   But it doesn’t just happen, you can’t simply wish your soul clean. It will take a little time and a concentrated effort if you are going to be as white as white can be.     Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.