I was following a car the other day when the driver threw garbage out the window. Hello! Now maybe I’m a little sensitive after having spent last Saturday morning picking garbage out of the ditch, but really, come on.  The last time I checked, littering was still considered rude and slightly obnoxious.  Not to mention illegal. And I’m pretty sure the guy in the car knew that when he threw his garbage out the window. So why did he do it? Perhaps it was poor potty training or maybe the environment he was brought up in.  Maybe his father was a rude litter bug and he is just following the example that was set for him.  Or he was brought up in a culture where littering was considered socially acceptable. 
No, he probably did it for the same reason we sometimes act like jerks when it comes to keeping God’s law, or not keeping God’s law.  He did it because he wanted to.  It was more convenient to toss the trash out the window than mess up his car.  And who really cares about how it affects others? Sometimes we take the same cavalier attitude toward sin and we shouldn’t.  There are rules against littering for a reason and God’s rules all have a reason as well.   Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.