Up until yesterday the name Andre Levingston didn’t mean anything to me. If I had heard it before, and I probably had, it had never registered with me.  And then I saw Levingston in an interview with ATV news anchor Steve Murphy and I kind of liked him. 
In case you are like me, Levingston is the owner of the Halifax Rainmen basketball team which has been embroiled in controversy this past week.  The back story is that after a very successful year, the Rainmen had reached the national championship finals which became a very physical series.  After a small brawl broke out when the team showed up early for a practice in Windsor, the coach decided that playing game seven of the series would be too dangerous for his team and opted to forfeit, not just the game but the championship. 
The outcome has been $90,000.00 in fines for the team, coach and players and at least two lifetime bans imposed on the two Rainmen coaches.  That’s the back story.
What impressed me about Andre Levingston is that even while disagreeing with the decision to forfeit the game he accepted full responsibility for the decision that eventually lead to the forfeiture.  And accepting blame isn’t something you see much of today.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.