Tuesday was garbage day in our subdivision and as I drove to work I noticed how unsightly it was. There were green bags, blue bags, household rubbish and a toilet at the ends of the driveways lining Kingswood Drive.  

Most garbage days I don’t really notice how nasty it looks, it’s become normal.  But it didn’t always seem normal.  When we first returned from Australia I was aghast on garbage day. It wasn’t that we didn’t have garbage in Australia, we just handled it better.  Every house had two “Wheelie Bins”. The big one was for trash and the little one was for recyclables.  If you had anything else to dispose of you didn’t leave it by the side of the road but you took it to the “tip” where you put in a designated container.  Everything was tidy. And then we came back to Canada and on the first trash day the streets of our normally pristine neighbourhood were lined with garbage bags and trash.  It just wasn’t right.  But eventually it became normal and it no longer bothered me, I just didn’t see it. 

How often does that happen in our lives?  What we used to be aghast at now seems normal or at least we don’t notice it.  And that’s wrong.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.