It just seems to make good sense.  Last Sunday Cornerstone decided to embark on another adventure.  Over the past several months your leadership team has been investigating ways to reduce our annual $16,000.00 power bill.  And this isn’t a new thing, from the first power bill we ever received we have been trying to make it less.  That has resulted in new lighting throughout the building, going to time of day usage for our heating and several other initiatives.  But this is by far our most ambitious.  
The plan is to install a new air to water heat pump to save energy and to install a 30 kw PV Solar array, consisting of 120 solar panels on our south facing roof, to produce energy.  And there are some cool aspects to the project.  We would be the first church east of Ontario with a significant solar presence, and it would be the largest solar project in Nova Scotia.  But outside of that it just seems to make good sense.  It seems to make good sense financially and environmentally and it always makes good sense for the church to be seen as doing the right thing. 
And when all the proposals are in if it doesn’t make good sense, then we won’t do it.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.