“I called the cops on a church!”  Well, that made my ears perk up.  I was working on my message at a Tim’s in the city the other day when I heard those words.  I wasn’t exactly eavesdropping up to that point, but that quickly changed. 
According to the story that I overheard, the gentlemen in question lives next door to a church in the city and the previous evening at 9:40 he went over to ask them to turn down their sound system.  Apparently their band was practising for Sunday and he claimed he could hear them in his apartment with his headphones on.  When they didn’t turn it down, or at least didn’t turn it down enough he called the police, and then they turned it down.
I wonder if they thought they were being persecuted for righteousness sake?  In reality they were just playing their music too loud.
If his version is the truth then I would suspect they greatly reduced any chance they might of had of introducing him to Jesus.  Sometimes being a good witness is simply being courteous and Jesus’ command to love our neighbour starts with being a good neighbour.
But then again, there might be another side to the story.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.