Lou Gehrig ’s disease, that’s what we called it when I was growing up.  I’m sure that some folks actually referred to it as ALS but I was an adult before it was anything but Lou Gehrig ’s disease to me. I was just a kid when I saw the movie “Pride of the Yankees” but I would always define the disease in the light of the Yankees’ first baseman.  And so last week I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I sent ALS Canada ten bucks, and sent some more to World Hope Canada, and had a bucket of ice water dumped on my head after church. 
I marvel at the success of the viral campaign that has raised over 100 million dollars, at last count, to support the victims and families of ALS as well as funding research and public awareness of the disease. 
And I understand that there are those who aren’t interested in giving the ten bucks and being soaked in ice water and that’s fine, but it’s frustrating when people pour ice water on the concept and try to dissuade people from donating.   Because wouldn’t it would be a travesty if the cure wasn’t found for the want of a bucket of ice water and ten more dollars?
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.