I was walking down the hall at the hospital the other day when I suddenly realized that I was following myself.  And I was intrigued. I have been beside myself on different occasions but I had never been behind myself.  Now understand, I wasn’t actually following myself, but it seemed that way.  The guy I was following looked like me from behind, the same style of clothes, my size, the same distinguished hair colour (that means grey), he even walked like me.  Well, we got to an intersection and he turned in the opposite direction to where I was planning on going, but I followed him, after all, I had to know, what if it was me?  What a relief when we got to the elevator and he turned and I was looking in the face of a stranger.
I wonder what people think when they look at my walk.  Not my physical walk but the walk that is my life, how I act and react to what comes my way.
I hope that the world never looks at Denn and thinks, “Wow, he walks just like us”.  Because if we consider ourselves to be Christ followers then we are supposed to walk like He walked, not like the world walks. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.