It was recently announced that Trinity Western University in British Columbia intends to offer a law degree in 2016.  And at least two provincial bar associations, including Nova Scotia, have voted to not allow students graduating from Trinity to be members of their associations. 
The reason?  Trinity is Canada’s largest Christian liberal arts college and part of its community covenant, requires all staff and students to abstain from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”  Members of the Gay rights communities assert that  this covenant discriminates against Homosexuals.  Technically it would also discriminate against heterosexuals in common law relationships but apparently they don’t have a strong lobby group. 
Trinity Western’s president, Bob Kuhn suggested the vote “can’t help but have a chilling effect on the freedom with which Christians, especially evangelical Christians, feel a part of the society.”
Trinity is not discriminating against a group of people, they are simply requiring that their student’s refrain from certain activities as long as they are students of the University.
However, the reaction demonstrates how lacking in tolerance are those who speak so loudly for tolerance.   They are saying “We require you to be tolerant of us, but we have no interest in extending tolerance to your beliefs.”
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