We went and saw Noah last week.  I actually enjoyed the movie.  I went knowing that it had very little to do with the biblical telling of the story.  Someone once said that asking Hollywood to do the Bible is like asking a gangster to speak about honesty. 
There have been enough criticisms about the movie so we really don’t have to talk about where it failed.
But I was impressed with what the movie got right.  I had never really thought about how wicked the world must have been for God to feel his only option was to destroy His greatest creation, but the film captured the darkness of the day.  In a day and time when society doesn’t like to talk about sin, the movie doesn’t shirk away from the evilness of man. 
Sure there were flaws in the movie, but most believers have never moved on from the jolly zoo keeper in the children’s Bible story of Noah. And most of what I knew about Noah before I became a Christ follower, I learned from a song about unicorns.
When I left the theatre, I felt I had seen a movie about sin, redemption, judgment and mercy and at the end of the movie love wins.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.