They called him the “Phantom Philanthropist”.  Two weeks ago there were at least a dozen reports around the HRM about a stranger handing out fifty and hundred dollar bills along with five dollar coins.  In some reports he asked people to pay it forward, in other cases people were simply asked to thank God for what they had received. 
And people were confused; why would someone give money to complete strangers?  Others raised concerns over the man’s mental health, after all what sane person would do such a thing?
One mental health worker said she didn’t think he was experiencing mental illness. Instead she suggested  “He’s a generous individual and is wrapped up in the acts of kindness and is wanting to help people.” 
Apparently being wrapped up in acts of kindness will get you admitted for a mental health assessment because that’s where Richard Wright ended up when he returned home to PEI.

Wright’s acts seem rare and even unstable in our world today, but millions of people make the lives of complete strangers different every day by sponsoring children through organizations like Compassion Canada.  And they don’t do it because they are unstable, they do it because they are following Jesus who told us to love the least of these.

Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.