It’s baffling and just a little bit scary.  We are constantly reminded in today’s world of the fact that Big Brother is watching, with its satellites and  endless array of electronic goodies, and that whatever liberties we give up it’s for a greater good.  The world is a safer place.  So how could they lose an airplane? 

We are told that satellites are able to read the licence plates on cars and that our email and cell phone communications are constantly being monitored and perused.  So wouldn’t you have thought that someone might have noticed that flight MH370 had diverted from its course, long before it was declared missing?

With the tracking devices on board the plane, not to mention the GPS capabilities of hundreds of cell phones the question  is being asked at Tim Horton’s and around the world: Where is the missing airplane and it’s passengers?

Not to diminish the loss of the plane and its passengers, but there is a world full of lost people who don’t even know they are lost.  Jesus said those folks were His very reason for coming, and if we are followers of Jesus then shouldn’t we share His concern for the lost who are all around us?  And they aren’t even that hard to find. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.