Look through a Glass, Less Geekly.  That was the title of an article that I read in a copy of USA Today while travelling this week.  The article was about the new frames that have been developed for Google Glass, and while I’m geeky enough to have found the content of the article cool, what I found intriguing was the title of the article.

I always marvel at culture that at least nods to Biblical references.  In this case it is a nod to 1 Corinthians 13:12 in the King James Version, check it out.

I wonder if the author of the article knew that is where the phrase came from?  And I wonder how many people actually caught the reference.  Probably not many, but again it reminds us of how deeply the Bible has influenced culture.  If you think that is just an American thing then check out the ad for MacGillivray Law here in Halifax.

Whether we are reminded to turn the other cheek, to remember the Golden Rule, or simply told that we can look through a glass less geeky, the Bible continues to pervade our everyday culture.  Now if we can figure out a way to get it to pervade our everyday lives.Have a great week and remember:  To see what is really possible you will have to attempt the impossible.