Seriously, they burned their car!  Two men in Alberta resorted to desperate measures last week after becoming stuck in a snow bank on their way home.  It appears that while returning to Lethbridge, after dark, the men got lost and then wound up in a ditch.  In order to survive the frigid temperatures they first built a fire with their belongings along with the seats they had ripped from their Honda.  When that fire went out, they proceeded to torch the car.  They survived the night, but the car didn’t.  By the light of day they discovered that they were within easy walking distance of a nearby home.  Who would have known?  It was then they remembered that they were both carrying cell phones…… oops.  

We might laugh, but it wasn’t our car and how often have we done the same thing in life?  Maybe we didn’t burn our Honda but we made rash decisions that we later regretted.  Especially when we realized those decisions really weren’t necessary.   And how often have we taken matters into our own hands without stopping to ask for help?  The men who burned their car had cell phones they didn’t use, but how often as Christians do we have prayer that we don’t use?     Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.