It happens to all of us, we read something online that we really enjoy, a post, a news story or just a picture that brightens our day.  And then we read the comments that people post.  What is it with people?  I understand that not everyone will agree with everything.  But do folks really need to be so hateful.  And it’s just as bad for church and ministry posts.  It’s almost as if we need to belittle the ideas of others in order to justify the truth of ours.  And that is . . .thinkism. 
Author James Grippando says that while it’s no longer acceptable to hate or pass judgement on someone because of their gender or race, too many people will say hateful, judgmental things about someone based on their ideas or their thoughts.  Very few folks want to be thought of as a sexist or a racist but many apparently have no qualms about being thinkists.

And being a thinkist may have been fine when folks were speaking to a limited audience.  (No, it probably wasn’t ok then either, but at least the hate was compartmentalized.)  However, today when you post online you are exposing the world to your thinkism.    So again I say:  It’s time to end thinkism.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.