I cringed the other day while watching the news and it was reported that the youth pastor at a nearby Baptist church had been arrested and charged for possessing and accessing child pornography.  Sin is sin but it seems like some sins are more reprehensible than others, at least in the eyes of many. 
If the charges are proved to be true, then the young man has not only damaged his career and family but has brought disrepute on his church and all churches.  And if the charges are proved to be false, well the damage has been done.   At least in one  news accounts it states,  “None of the allegations against Hudgins have been tested in court.”  But in the real world that really doesn’t matter because he has already been tried in the media.  If he is found to be not guilty there won’t be nearly as much attention coverage given and he will always be painted with that particular brush.
It’s also interesting to note that while the accused worked part time as a youth pastor he also worked full time for the National Research Council, which many media outlets either skipped or minimized that fact.  I Guess “Youth Pastor Sinning” makes a better headline than “Civil Servant Sinning.” 
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.  

One thought on “Who’s Who?

  1. I see the disparity in the news and what you have said is true. This case has not gone to court yet. However, you missed an opportunity to clarify that Christians can and do stumble and sin. It has consequences. Sin is indeed ugly and puts a barrier between us and Jesus. Christ came for that very reason. It's time we, as Christians, walk alongside each other to pray, support and offer forgiveness. The church needs healing as much as the 'world'. The difference is that we know the healer!

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