I was part of democracy in action this week. Not only did I vote but I also worked on Election Day as the Supervising Deputy Returning Officer, which isn’t nearly as important as it sounds.
Pretty good gig, all in all, I was paid by Elections Nova Scotia to welcome people to Cornerstone.  During those twelve hours I was able to make several observations about people as they voted.
Some people were visibly excited to have the privilege to vote while others it seemed were simply voting out of obligation, they felt they had to. There were those who were hardly behind the screen long enough to mark their ballots while others were obviously deep in thought or asleep.
What they all had in common was they had each been offered a gift, the right to vote, and they had accepted it.
Many others were offered the same gift and turned it down, for any number of reasons. Perhaps some thought they were too busy,  others left it too long and ran out of time, some were disinterested and still others viewed the entire process with disdain. Bottom line: some people chose to vote and other chose not to vote, but it was their choice. Kind of reminds me of salvation. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.