Perhaps you have heard the radio ad where the young lady is telling us the things she learned from her mother and number one on the list is “It’s more important to be nice than to be right.”  Really?  I think that being nice is. . . well nice.   But I think that if you are right about something, especially something really important that “right” trumps “nice”. 
If you had to choose between your doctor, your mechanic or your lawyer being nice or being right, I would think that you’d prefer that they were right, even if there weren’t nice. For eternity sake if you had to choose between your church being right or being nice, I hope you’d choose right.
There are times that I have to say things and do things as a pastor that aren’t nice but they are right.  And I do it because I love people and want the very best for them.  And there are times the church has to take stands that society doesn’t always view as nice, but they are important and they are right.  The Bible admonishes us: to speak the truth in love and so perhaps the real lesson we need to learn is how to be nice when we are right.Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.