He dropped the writ, we’ve been waiting for it and wondering when it would happen and now it has happened.  Dropping the writ is an awesome term.  It is much classier than simply saying that he called an election.    However it doesn’t really matter whether you are dropping a writ or calling an election the end result is an incredible privilege.  A privilege that the majority of the world will never have and that the minority who do have it often take for granted. 
So this election, instead of grumbling and complaining let’s pray and ponder.  Pray that the leaders who will lead our province well will be elected, regardless of their party, and ponder the issues so that you can vote responsibly.
But, however you vote, please vote.  Because the person who chooses not to vote is no better off than the person who does not have the right to vote.
Regardless of what some people say, democracy isn’t a God given right, you won’t find it in the bible, but it is a right that has been paid for with the blood and sacrifice of people.  So over the next four weeks pray and ponder and on October 8th take the time to do what most of the world can’t, vote.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.  

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