Once upon a time in a faraway Kingdom there lived a Beautiful princess who was loved by everyone, not only in her kingdom but in other kingdoms as well.  She was kind and gentle and people loved to see her and to hear about her loves. 

            In the same kingdom there lived a playful dragon named “Grog.”  Many of the people of the kingdom enjoyed playing with Grog even though he had a few annoying habits.  Sometimes Grog had been known to get carried away and hurt the people he played with, sometimes families were destroyed and sometimes people were killed.  Oh well.     

            One day the Beautiful Princess and her love had been to a banquet feasting and making merry.  What they didn’t realize is that one of her love’s servants had brought along the playful dragon.  To make a long story short, in his own unique way the dragon managed to destroy the Beautiful Princess, her love and her love’s servant.  

            The people of the kingdom loved their Beautiful Princess but because they enjoyed playing with Grog they didn’t want to offend the playful dragon by blaming him or heaven forbid by banishing him from kingdom. And so they sought to blame her love’s servant and the peasants who followed her about. And nobody lived happily ever after.   Except maybe the dragon.

Have a great week and remember:  Life be in it!