It was a tragedy. A young man lost his life and another man had his life changed forever. Like many people, I watched the video of Sammy Yatim being shot in Toronto last week and, like many people, I felt a sense of rage. Really, nine shots?  And then they tased him. Seems a little much. But then again, I wasn’t there.
I agree that the officer involved will need to be held accountable. However, we need to remember who was ultimately responsible for what happened that night in the streetcar. For reasons we may never know, Sammy Yatim reportedly was waving a knife and threatening a female passenger. (The media seems to have forgotten her.) That’s what led to his being shot. He wasn’t an innocent teen gunned down on the street. 
Had Sammy Yatim chosen to stay home and watch TV–or if he had left his knife at home–chances are nobody would know who he was.

It’s all too easy to look at our circumstance in life and blame God and others without ever taking the time to examine the choices we made that brought us to those circumstances. Remember, if yesterday’s choices helped shape today, then today’s choices will shape our tomorrows.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.