I wasn’t exactly eavesdropping, I just happened to overhear their conversation.  That’s different isn’t it?  I was at Tim’s the other day and heard a group of woman expressing outrage and dismay at yet another news story about a new born who had been deserted and left to die  by his mother.  The general consensus was that there were alternatives and that the mother should be punished for her crime.  Later I caught the news and that seemed to be the view of the media as well.  What type of mother would leave her newborn child to die?  And what should we do as a society to provide options? 
The next night on the news I heard the same media celebrating the life and achievements of Henry Morgentaler, the man who is credited with paving the way for unrestricted abortion rights in Canada.  Interesting. 

On one hand we have a society that reacts in rage over a newborn child who had been left without care and on the other hand society canonizes a man whose actions led to the death of literally millions of preborn children.  I guess your value to society depends on timing and on your location, whether you are inside the womb or out.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.