They thought their valuables were safe.  After all, they paid to make sure they were kept safe, and the things they kept their valuables in were called “safe deposit boxes.” Which I’m sure led people to believe that the items they stored in their “safe deposit boxes” would actually be safe.  And different people had entrusted different things to their “safe deposit boxes”, there was jewellery, cash, stock certificates and personal items that were valuable only to the people who had paid to keep them safe.  However, they didn’t worry about them because they knew their valuables were safe.
So you can imagine how those people felt when they discovered that their valuables along with the “safe deposit boxes” had been removed from their Hong Kong Bank and destroyed.  Sure, it was a mistake, but their belongings were no longer safe, as a matter of fact in many cases they were simply no longer. Embarrassed bank officials said, “It’s a very unfortunate and regrettable incident.”  That may have been an understatment.
There are many people who have played it safe in life and think that their valuables are safe, but I wonder how many have bothered to take care of the most valuable of all their possessions, their soul? Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.