I hope I’m not a thinkist.   “And what” you may be asking “is a thinkist?”  Well the short answer is someone who suffers from thinkism.  And what is thinkism? 
I recently discovered the concept of thinkism in a novel by James Grippando and I am now committed to avoiding being a thinkist.  Today it is no longer acceptable to hate or pass judgement on someone  for their gender or race, and that’s a good thing, that would make you a sexist or racist.  However in this age of instant communication, it seems quite acceptable to pass judgement and demonize someone for what they think or say. 
I’m not saying that we can’t disagree with someone’s thoughts, but it’s when we personalize it and hate someone for having the audacity to disagree with us, that it becomes thinkism.
A few years ago I wrote a magazine article that was obviously more controversial than I thought.  Online I was branded a liberal by some and a legalist by others. My scholarship and integrity were derided and simply because I dared to express my opinion, and that was by other pastors. 
And so, I will endeavor to respect the personhood and dignity of those I disagree with and refrain from thinkism.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.   

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  1. I came across the same passage in that James Grippando novel, and I made the same commitment you did. I found this blog article by just Googling for thinkism and James Grippando to see what was out there.

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