Is it just me or is there more hype this time over the choosing of the Pope than in the past?  Every time I turn on the television or pick up the paper there seems to be another story about the conclave and the possible successor to Pope Benedict.  It must feel good as a Catholic to have so much positive press for a change.
Of course, in Canada there is much abuzz about the possibility of a “Canadian” pope and certainly Marc Ouellet’s name has been bandied around as a possible front runner.  I would think talk of front-runners kind of negates the role the Holy Spirit is supposed to play in the process.  But then again I heard the same thing the last time the Wesleyan Church was electing a General Superintendent, on a much smaller scale of course.
The interesting speculation is whether the Church electing a pope from Quebec would have any impact on the secularization of Canada’s most secular province.  I think God is hearing a lot of strange  voices because if you watch TV it seems that everyone in Quebec is praying for Cardinal Ouellet’s appointment.
But seriously, if they won’t go to church for Jesus they probably won’t go to church for Marc. 
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.