And so now we know how to change history and win an award.  Thirty years ago while at University I watched history unfold as Ken Taylor and the Canadian embassy staff in Iran masterminded and facilitated the rescue of 6 American embassy staff after the Islamic revolution.  It was called “The Canadian Caper.”  The United States publically declared their gratefulness and then gradually the entire episode was forgotten by the general public. 
Fast forward to 2012 and Hollywood produces a movie where Canada plays a very minor role and the CIA mastermind and facilitate the rescue of the embassy staff. Then the movie, Argo wins the Oscar for best picture & the First Lady announces the award  and the entire world has a new understanding of what “really” happened.  The movie may have changed perception but it didn’t change reality.  
Sometimes as Christ followers, we forget our history.  We think we masterminded and facilitated our spiritual rescue & that we were responsible for our salvation.  But we weren’t. It was God who was behind the plan to rescue us, and it was God who implemented the plan to rescue us and it was God who made the sacrifice to rescue us.
We were simply the rescued.

And regardless of our memories, that is the reality.
Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.