Just a month ago, Dale Porch, 46, collapsed and died on his front steps after returning home from his night shift job.  The man’s death was certainly a tragedy at his age.  However, what makes it more disturbing is that the Denver man’s body remained on his front steps for two days before anyone realized that he was dead.  The United States Postal Service acknowledged that one of their mail carriers had visited the home but thought that Porch’s body was a Halloween display.

Contrast that with George Johannesen from Winnipeg, who recently discovered that he was dead.  Two weeks ago the 59 year old found out that he died sometime in October.  Guess nobody had thought to tell George.  He wasn’t even aware that he was dead until he received the paperwork from the Government. 
Ultimately it isn’t perception that determines whether or not you are dead, it is life.  And it’s hard to argue with life.  I wonder how many churches are mistakenly thought to be dead or alive simply because of the perception of others? 
However, for people and churches it is better to be thought to be dead and be alive than to be thought to be alive and actually be dead.    Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.