Faster than the speed of sound!  This week, Austrian extreme athlete, Felix Baumgartner, became the first human to break the sound barrier.  Well, the first human to break the sound barrier without an airplane. 
“Fearless Felix” jumped from a capsule that more than 38 kilometers above the earth and before deploying his parachute he reached a speed of 1,342.8 km/h, which broke the sound barrier — 1,200 km/h.  Baumgartner’s jump broke the previous record that had been set in 1960 by US Air force Colonel Joe Kittinger.  Which was the year I was born. 

Very few if any of us will ever have the chance to break the sound barrier, at least not on the way down but maybe on the way up. The word of God tells us that someday the church, the bride of Christ, will disappear in the twinkling of an eye to be with Jesus. We don’t know if it will happen in our lifetime or not, but it might, and the question always has to be “Will you be ready to go?”  And going up will be even cooler than coming down, and so I leave you with this thought, “I trust that I’ll See you there or in the air.”      Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.