Topless princesses or spoiled hockey players? The news is full of both stories.

It is interesting that the obscene salaries of professional athletes only becomes an issue when there is a strike or a lock out.  But as long as the fans have something to watch nobody really talks about salaries.  People are always decrying the salary of the CEO of Nova Scotia Power, but he has a real job with real responsibilities, making sure the power stays on for a million people.   Hockey Players “play” hockey and I know that their career may only last 5 years, but still. 
However the reality is that hockey players demand those salaries because they know they can get them, because people will pay to be entertained.  The same reason tabloids will pay for and print pictures of topless princesses.  The Romans had a phrase for this “Panem et Circenses”, “Bread and Circuses”, the entertainment of the masses.   Maybe it’s just my cynical nature and we aren’t really seeing the swirls of our society heading in the direction of the Roman Empire.
Can the church changes society?  Is that the churches job?  Nope.  It’s to preach Jesus because He can change people, and changed people will result in a changed society. Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.