Who’s your daddy? Or, who isn’t your daddy?  A company in New York City, cruising the city streets in a mobile medical clinic, is offering people a chance to find out for just $299.00.  DNA testing, once an expensive time-consuming process out of reach of most people, has suddenly become affordable.  Sources say over 500,000 of the relationship tests are done every year in the United States. However, experts are warning of the danger of these tests claiming that many clients may not be psychologically prepared for the results.
Many of those who purchase the test are looking for confirmation that their fathers or their children are or aren’t who they were told they were.  Social scientists warn that the results could diminish past family relationships if new biological connections are discovered.  In some cases they say it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.  But sometimes the dogs aren’t the only ones lying.
If you are a Christ follower then you will always know for sure who your father is, perhaps not your earthly father but ultimately your heavenly Father.  And you don’t need to spend $299.00 to have your DNA checked. All you have to do is read the New Testament.  Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.