Poor Harry.  The headline said it all “British royal Prince Harry has put his grandfather’s ill health to one side to go on a wild holiday.”  But did it really say it all?  Granted Harry’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, was in the hospital and Harry was in Las Vegas, but so what?  Phillip wasn’t dying, he was being treated for a bladder infection.  And Harry was on leave before returning to his military duties in Afghanistan.  The article went on to accuse the young Prince of being seen in a pair of Bermuda shorts, shades and a hat…. gasp!  And was also seen, and I quote,  “laughing and playing with a beach ball, before chatting to a bevy of beautiful, bikini-clad girls.”  Sounds like normal behaviour for a healthy 28-year-old heterosexual male. 
The problem is this, the world and the media expect more from the man who is third in line for the throne, fairly or not.  That’s the price of being royalty. 
In the same way the world and the media will always hold Christ followers to a higher standard than others.  And that’s ok, because God does as well.  A perk of following Jesus is that you are a child of the King, the price is that you are expected to act like it.  
 Have a great week and remember: To see what is really possible, you will have to attempt the impossible.